Synchornize Our New Google Calendars with Your Desktop!

July 29, 2012

Having a Google Calendar to embed on our web site makes it much easier for members to follow chapter events. And because it stands alone as its own calendar, it won’t interfere with your own personal events, appearing as its own color and vanishing if you remove the synchronization.

It’s even better if this feature syncs up with the calendar you use at work or at home.I’ve done this for a while now, and you don’t realize how awesome it is until you have it.

If you have an Android phone, Google Calendar is probably your default anyway. But for your computer, iPhone, or Windows phone, you’ll need to take extra steps. Fortunately, they’re pretty simple. We have tutorials for each below…

Microsoft Outlook

Google’s own support pages explain how to sync them.

Apple’s iCal/ Calendar

Google’s own support pages explain how to sync them.

Mozilla (Thunderbird/ Lightning)

This post explains how to synchronize our Chapter’s new Google Calendar(s) with Lightning calendars, part of Mozilla’s Thunderbird email program. I can save you a bit of time, if you’re syncing with the main calendar.

Ignore the part about getting the URL from Google Calendars. Go to your Thunderbird mail client and select File –> New –> Calendar, and create a new calendar. In the first step, select On the Network option, hit Next, select CalDAV option, and paste in the following URL:


In the last step, give name the Calendar “SME98 Events”, pick a color, and then Finish. SME98 events will now show in your Thunderbird calendar, though it will ask you for your Google/Gmail account log-in when it syncs up.

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