Officer Installation Dinner – 1/19/12

January 28, 2012

Our 2012 Officer Installation dinner was held at Hobee’s Sunnyvale on Thursday, January 19th.  It was well attended and a big success.  Highlights included Phil Ogaz receiving the President’s Award for outstanding service in 2011, Kathy Looman discussing SME National, and brainstorming some great ideas for upcoming tours.  Agenda and minutes below…

SME National Updates (Kathy Looman – Member & Industry Relations Manager)
2012 Officer Installation
Upcoming Events

Minutes follow…

SME National Update

  1. New sme.org website.  Please e-mail membership[at]sme.org if you find any bugs.
  2. 2012 Annual Conference is in Cleveland in May.  Sign up now for 1/2 price (until Feb 1st)!
  3. National will be providing WebEx for all chapters starting around August.  WebEx is a great tool for member engagement and retention.
  4. 3 SoCal chapters are consolidating.  The focus of the new chapter is workforce development.  (Note: Some local SF Bay Area workforce development programs… STEM, FirstRobotics, E-Week.)
  5. National is now offering a new Green certification.  Check out sme.org
  6. National membership grew to 26,000 in 2011!
  7. Q&A: Is SME National playing a role in ‘on-shoring’?  Yes, SME is playing a large role in on-shoring via the Advanced Materials Project (AMP) and supporting small, accessible R&D/design centers across the country.  SME is also gearing the Daily Exec Briefing towards highlighting successful on-shoring efforts.  (Note: In terms of local R&D/design centers, the ‘Tech Shop’ is a great local resource.  For a flat monthly fee, you have access to tons of machining and RP equipment, as well as training classes.

2012 Officer Installation

Check out our updated officer page @ sme-siliconvalley.org/about-us

Upcoming Events


  • Charles Hoes – Safety Engineering Seminar (@ Hobee’s?)
  • Owens Corning
  • Gallo
  • Fairfield Glass Co
  • Loral
  • Heavy equipment manufacturer
  • Rocket manufacturer (near Morgan Hill?)
  • Oakland airport jet test facility (still operating?)
  • Missile manufacturing facility
  • New Bay Bridge construction project
  • Shasta Cola
  • Mythbusters (Alameda)

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