2012 Conference Planning Minutes – Dec. 9, 2011

December 28, 2011

Attendees: Keith Krook, Shomir Dighe, Phil Ogaz, Joanne Moody

  • Shomir and Geetha spoke prior to the meeting and have refined the pioneering technologies topic as shown below.
  • Joanne and Michael spoke prior to the meeting and decided to eliminate the case study, instead having a product development panel with speakers from small, mid- to large-size companies represented.  Mike will discuss this with Arvita as she had some speaker suggestions.
  • Keith is waiting to hear from Rob Eichner, Design 2 Part Show, on the Additive Manufacturing topic.

Proposed Conference Topics below:

  • Pioneering medical technologies with emphasis on manufacturing  (1 1/2 hr) – Geetha and Shomir
  • New product development cycle –  small company, and mid to large company (1 1/12 hr) – Mike Keer and Arvita
  • 3-D printing and additive manufacturing technologies (1 1/2 hr) – Keith, Rob, and Joanne
  • Process Validation and Controls talk (1/4 hr) – Arvita
  • Regulatory Focus on Process Validation (1 1/4 hr hr) – Arvita

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